FTSs Heating & Chilling for BME Chronical 1/2 and 1 BBL Fermenters
Chill your beer in the summer and warm your beer in the winter!! Use a chill water source when it's hot or warmed water if it's cold! And move hot wort from your brew kettle and go for one stop chilling in your fermenter! As soon as your wort is ready for transfer from your brew kettle, just move it over to one of our Ss fermenters and then take advantage of the FTSs chiller coil we have in your beer to bring down to pitching temps! Temperature control during fermentation is one of the most significant contributors to the flavor of our beers, yet it all too often gets overlooked. For centuries brewers have limited the styles of beers they produced to the varying temperatures of the seasons. That didn’t work for us, so we poured a few pints and took a fresh look at this age-old problem. The Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System (FTSs) is the result of applying the science of thermodynamics with what we’ve learned from our experience in the craft brewing industry. The system is elegant and engineered, yet it stays true to the heart and soul of us home brewers. The FTSs uses a precision digital temperature controller in combination with a 304 stainless steel immersion chiller. The digital controller constantly monitors your beer’s temperature and will activate the circulation pump to hold the fermentation temperature at your predetermined set point. You can crash cool or lager too! You supply the chill water source, which can be as simple as ice water in a cooler or as involved as glycol from a chiller’s reservoir. We supply the rest of the system. As long time fellow home brewers, this is a system we know many of you have been dreaming about for a long time: advanced temperature control for the beers you make at an affordable price. PLEASE CLICK FAQ BUTTON TOP LEFT AND SEARCH "FTSs" FOR MORE DETAILS!!!
FTSs Heating & Chilling for BME Chronical 1/2 and 1 BBL Fermenters FTSs Heating & Chilling for BME Chronical 1/2 and 1 BBL Fermenters

FTSs Heating & Chilling for BME Chronical 1/2 and 1 BBL Fermenters

  • This kit is for owners of Brewmaster Edition 1/2 BBL or 1 BBL fermenters who want a 2 way switchable controller and want both heating and cooling functionality in one system
  • Kit includes: 1 x heater pad for 1/2 BBL and 1 BBL Chronical, 1x power supply, 1 x switchable FTSs digital controller, 1 x submersible pump, 10 feet of vinyl tubing, 2 x 3/8" hose clamps 
  • Set a temperature on the controller, provide a source of chill water for your system, tuck the heater pad underneath the neoprene jacket, plug into the wall and walk away.  This system will hold your set temp both when it gets cold and/or when it gets warm!   
  • Digital temp controller (displays both C/F)
  • 110-240V (global use) 12A power supply
  • Chill from 0.5-2 degrees F per minute*
  • Pro grade submersible pump
  • Included vinyl tubing
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