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Ss Brite Tanks!

We have always wondered “why hasn’t someone made a brite tank for home brewers similar to what we use in our commercial brewery?” Well we like to do things that have never been done before! Introducing the world’s first ever brite tanks for home and nano brewers! 

Key design features include an immersion chiller coil fixed to a 6” TC cap that mates to a top mounted TC Ferule, pressure capability up to 30 psi, dish bottom vessel geometry that mimics commercial brite tanks, a custom fabricated PRV/pressure gauge fitting, custom butterfly valve, sampling port, carb stone, thermowell, neoprene insulating jacket, and height-adjustable feet. 

Constructed entirely from certified 304 Ss with sanitary welds throughout. These tanks can either be stuffed into kegerators or coolers, or better yet they can be put up on a counter / bar top and plumbed to a chiller in which case they can act as a nice visual enhancement to your home or nano brewery! We’ll also make draught attachments and other accessories to complement the core product like we always do with our gear. 

Available some time July/Aug. Pricing TBD. First will be 10 gal, and later into Fall available in 5 gal and 1 bbl sizes. 

For updates on technical specs, additional pictures, and pricing, visit our website and product listing page(s) at ssbrewtech.com over the next 2-3 weeks, since our support or Facebook staff will not be able to answer any additional questions at this time. Please consider this just a pre-announcement sneak peek piece, but we’ll keep you filled in on the details on our website soon here promise! So far our pre-production units are working like champs and we are pretty excited about this product line! 

PS - We'll soon be offering our own sub-$1,000 MSRP commercial/ pro grade glycol chiller that can be used on these brite tanks, our fermenters/FTSs, etc. As you will soon see this is a very serious piece of gear and we'll put it up against anything out there relative to quality, durability, and functionality for its size. We'll also have full specs, pics and pricing for our glycol chiller up on the site in the next 2-3 weeks. Target shipping is July 2016.