Can I Use the Glycol Chiller With My Plate Or Counterflow Chiller To Cool My Wort Post Boil?

May 16, 2016

You have two options with our glycol chiller!

First, get another small plate or counterflow chiller; then circulate the glycol on one side of it, and your ground water on the other.  That way you are knocking down the temp of your ground water as a pre-chill before it hits your main plate/counterflow chiller.  So you are essentially setting up the system in two separate stages.

The concern is that if you used the glycol chiller exclusively with 200 degree wort flowing through it, you could overload the unit in short order.  However, If you are just knocking down your ground water temps into the 50-60 degree range or lower, there is NO risk of that happening.  That is how commercial breweries operate a 2 stage system to avoid damage to their glycol chillers.

Second option, and even simpler, If you don’t want to invest in another wort chiller, then simply run a quick pass through your wort chiller with ground water while transferring the wort into your fermenter like you have been doing.  Then hook the chiller up to your FTSs coil, and even if your wort is still on the high side, 90-120 degrees or whatever, the glycol chiller will knock it down to pitch temp in about 10-20 mins tops!

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