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Ss Brew Kettle | Brewmaster Edition

Ss Brew Kettle | Brewmaster Edition

We are pleased to introduce the Brewmaster Edition to our existing line of Ss Brew Kettles. With new features such as a rotatable racking arm and sight glass integrated into the 3-piece ball valve, the brewer can more effectively monitor and minimize trub pickup during knockout. 
The dished bottom with integrated fire box is designed to increase surface area by 50% and channel the flow of heat for faster boiling times and the tangential inlet allows for more effective whirlpool action and trub collection.  All TC fittings are welded and like all of our brewing equipment, built with the highest quality 304 stainless steel and craftsmanship available on the market  today.
Product highlights include:
Dish bottom with firebox
Rotatable racking arm
3 Piece Ball Valve with sight glass
Tangential whirlpool port
Fully welded TC fittings
Thick and rugged 304 Stainless
Etched volume markings
Patents Pending

10 and 20 Gallon sizes will be available for pre-order December 2016, and are scheduled to begin shipping in January 2017. Pricing and additional product details will be available on our site soon!


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