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The founders launched Ss Brewtech with a very clear goal to advance brewing equipment design, performance, and quality to the very highest standards in the industry.  With a team that draws upon very strong functional backgrounds in brewing science, mechanical engineering, industrial design, supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and quality, Ss Brewtech has the people and skill sets you would want and expect from your supplier of pro brewing equipment. 

We also draw upon experience gained by owning and operating a scaled craft brewery in Southern California (Refuge Brewery – Temecula, CA).   In a few short years, Refuge has gone from several hundred barrels supporting a small tasting room business up to now over 8,000 barrels per year with distribution through Stone Brewing on the West Coast.  Our staff of professionally educated brewers earned their expertise from institutions such as Siebel in Chicago and Doemens World Brewing Academy in Germany.  These key team members consult on every aspect of our brewery equipment design, performance, and functionality.

Brewhouses are designed and built to order. If you are interested in working with us on your project please fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon.


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Consolidated valve tree

The signature and patent pending design element of our brewhouses is without a doubt the consolidated valve tree mounted atop the working platform within easy reach of the main control panel. Laser etched stainless steel squeeze trigger butterfly valves allow for precise flow modulation and control without having to constantly move up and down the work platform during the course of the brew day.  This enhances both ease of use and safety.  And we think it looks pretty cool too!



Key Features and Technology

Notable standard features on our brewhouses include a rotatable racking arm on the brew kettle for when you are brewing big beers and don’t want to clog up your heat exchanger,  a reversible rake and grain out paddles on the mash tun for easier post-brew clean up, and optional features such as a sparge acidification system for optimizing pH levels, and an in-line flow meter for brewing precision are just a few of the things that set these systems apart from the competition.

Build Quality

We use only the finest quality certified 304 stainless steel top to bottom on all of our commercial equipment.  And we won’t blink or flinch when we say that we’ll put the workmanship and weld quality on our brewhouses, fermenters, and brite tanks up against anything on the pro market.  We welcome you to come visit us at the Refuge Brewery in Temecula, CA to see for yourself.

A brewhouse is  the beating heart of a brewery, and a burgeoning brewing operation can’t survive with a single day of down-time related to equipment failures.  Furthermore, with more advanced cellaring techniques, sanitation related stumbling blocks can carry a lasting effect on a brewery’s reputation.  We have sought to overcome these surprisingly common problems by demanding that our equipment be built to highest standards, tolerances, and specifications.

Lastly, since the brewhouse and cellaring package are typically the largest assets on a brewery’s balance sheet, we believe that your investment should endure for many years of use, and also carry strong residual value in the secondary market should you ever decide to sell it in the future.



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