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The Workshop

We’re constantly engineering new and industry-changing brewing gear around here at Ss.  Although we can’t openly talk about everything we're working on, from time-to-time we're far enough along in a product's development life-cycle that we can begin to start publishing pictures, features, and details.   We won’t be able to put hard release dates until we go into full production, and specifications can always change through the R&D process, but the information below should help guide your plans for the next change to your brewing setup!

— These are active projects, all specs, features, and prices are subject to change before final release —

— eBrewing —


1V (single vessel)  - Primarily designed to be used with a brew in a bag system (BIAB), but can also be useful for someone who prefers modularity within their multi-vessel system. The 1V controller can operate one element, and is designed to be compatible with our line of 10 and 20 gallon eKettles. A 30A dedicated GFCI protected circuit is required.

2V (dual vessel)  - Designed to be used with a 3 vessel, single infusion mash system. The controller pairs perfectly with our line of insulated InfuSsion Mash Tuns, alongside a traditional temperature controlled HLT and Boil Kettle. The 2V controller can operate 2 elements in total, albeit one at a time, and is compatible with our line of 10 and 20 gallon eKettles. Since only one element can be operated at a time, the 2V controller retains the same 30A GFCI protected circuit power requirement as the 1V.

3V (three vessel) - RELEASING AFTER 1V and 2V - Designed to be used with a recirculating infusion mash system (RIMS), which is currently in development. The 3V controllers is engineered to be used with a traditional 3 vessel, multi-step mash system, where each vessel can be temperature controlled. The 3V controller is designed to operate 3 elements in total, albeit 2 at a time, and is compatible with our 10 and 20 gallon eKettles. As a result of the increased load of running 2 elements simultaneously, the 3V controller will require two discreet 30A GFCI protected circuits.


10 and 20 gal sizes
- 5000 watt ring designed heating element for even heat distribution and maximum trub consolidation
- Fully welded TC ports
- Integrated trub dam
- 304 stainless steel
- Front and rear mounted silicone wrapped handles

Heat Exchanger

Grain Mill