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1 bbl | Brewhouse


240v Single Phase - 60 amp Dedicated Circuit - Typically found in residential and light commercial buildings.

If you are unsure, check with your utility provider to verify the type of electrical service that is available at your location. 

  • 3 heating elements (Boil Kettle, HLT, and RIMS)

    Internal Calandria around Boil heating elements

    Tangential whirlpool port

    Stainless hard pipping throughout with valve tree

    Perlick Style sampling valve

    Detachable CIP arm

    Sparge ring

    Combo Vorlauf/Strike water fill port

    Dedicated underlet leg

    Proportional heating element control with Omron PID Controllers combined with dynamic voltage adjustability

    Main control panel with HLT, Mash, Kettle, and heat exchanger temp readouts

    Dedicated pump control switches

    Dual cart mounted electrical service panels

    Ships fully assembled and ready to brew