1 bbl | Nano Series Unitank

PRE-ORDER | Shipping week of July 10th

Introducing our line of Nano Series Unitanks designed to bridge the gap between home and professional brewing. 100% TC connections, lid mounted immersion chiller coil for temp control and crashing, and the ability to carbonate in-vessel make the Nano Series a perfect fit at any Nano Brewery or Micro Brewery looking to do prototype batches.

  • Fully welded TC flanges

    Pro pressure relief valve (PRV)

    Combination 3” TC dry hop, CIP, and PRV port

    3” to 1.5” TC reducer for PRV

    1.5” TC carb stone with 3/8” ball valve

    1.5” TC blow off cane with welded blow off arm mount

    1.5” TC to ½” ball valve for blow off cane

    1.5” TC pro sanitary pressure gauge

    1.5” TC pro sanitary sampling valve

    1.5” TC thermowell with LCD thermometer

    8” TC lid with fully welded chiller coil

    neoprene insulation jacket

    Custom Ss butterfly valves with racking arm

    Stainless lower shelf

    Adjustable feet