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Extract Mixing Tank

Shipping After Late September

ASME Certified Jacketed Unitanks available upon request | pro@ssbrewtech.com

Ss Brewtech Unitanks and Brite Tanks have long been used in the processing of extracts. As the extraction market has grown, we've decided to take a hard look at how these tanks are being used and how Ss Brewtech could reengineer process tanks.

Features like the 3/4" micro-valve dump paired with a 2in flush port are purpose-built for extract oils. A multitude of top ports allows for a level of customization not available on off the shelf beer tanks. Equally as crucial to what we added, is what we've removed. Gone is the racking port that was unnecessary for extraction, and would cause areas for contamination to form. The move to a 45° cone allows for a more compact system while still be sufficiently sloped to drain oils properly. A sleeved temperature sensor to eliminate areas where oils are typically lost.

SKU: EXTV-20-01