Ss Keg Washer


We developed our semi-automatic Ss Keg Washer for brewery operations that want to maximize their flexibility and user adjustability.  It’s not uncommon for breweries with keg lease agreements to work with several different types and sizes of kegs, which might have different drain speeds, seal life, and cleaning needs.  The end goal is to deliver a consistent product to the customer every single time.  With a fully adjustable HMI panel, the user can program the duration of each individual cycle to dial in the perfect mix of speed and effectiveness with each type or size of keg.  That, coupled with the ability to monitor progress from across the room allows a single cellarman to wash kegs and also focus on other brewery tasks.  With features such as a pulse valves, seal test, hold function, and keg counter, the user can manage both QC and the chemical solution lifecycle on the fly.

  • Adjustable 3-5 min run time for a complete cycle, up to 30 kegs per hour

    Touch screen HMI with a Siemens PLC for process control

    12-step cleaning, sanitizing, and pressure testing process

    Built-in capability to use RO rinse or steam sanitize processes

    On screen monitoring of each process and steps within the processes

    Highly user adjustable, with each process step allowing a user programmable time allowance

    Hold function pauses current cycle - useful to empty full kegs or deep cleaning

    Adjustable CO2 PSI setting for pre-charging kegs to your breweries desired levels

    Integrated keg seal pressure test function, with seal test failure alarm light

    1 HP sanitary process pump

    15-gallon caustic and sanitizer reservoirs with level sensors and sight glasses

    Automatic 8 kW heater in caustic reservoir

    High pressure and temperature steam rated hoses with Micromatic Sanke keg couplers

    Simplified keg coupler attachment, there are no secondary valves to operate by hand

    User programmable caustic temperature

    Three keg washer mounted precision pressure regulators for; valve actuators, purge air, CO2 purge/charge

    High visibility process-light for across-the-room monitoring. Colored lights indicate: running, complete, error, and seal leak

    Pulse valves to vary pressure and flow of cycles, resulting in increased effectiveness of cleaning, rinse and sanitizing cycles

    Resettable keg counter for monitoring caustic/sanitizer life, and total lifetime kegs washed

    Full manual operation from HMI touch screen, where each valve can be manually operated


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