Sparge Arm for 10/20 Gal Mash Tun SS Brewing Technologies
Sparge Arm for 10/20 Gal Mash Tun
  • Click HERE for Youtube overview
  • For USE ONLY ON Ss MASH TUNS (10/20 gal)
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Designed for gravity feed from HLT
  • Or hook your own pump / flow control valve
  • 3/8” diameter stainless tubing 
  • 3/8" barb on inlet of tubing
  • Custom silicone handle mount for Ss Mash Tun
  • Easily adjust height of sparge head up  / down
  • Uniform liquid dispersion fom sparge head
MTSs Temp Control for InfuSsion Mash Tun
MTSs Temp Control for InfuSsion Mash Tun
Ss False Bottoms
Ss False Bottoms
7 Gal Chronical and Brew Bucket
Lid - 3" TC
  • Click HERE for Youtube vid (CIP)
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • For Chronical fermenters and Brew Buckets 
  • 3" TC flange
  • 3" TC gasket / clamp NOT included
  • Great upgrade for your Chroical!
  • Now do CIP (clean in place)!
  • Great for dry hopping!
  • Works with our new 3" TC accessories such as CIP cap and the new blow-off canes (coming soon)
Manifold for Mash Re-Circulation SS Brewing Technologies
Manifold for Mash Re-Circulation
  • Click HERE for Youtube video overview
  • 304 Stainless construction
  • Sits on top of grain bed during mash
  • Nice gentle distributed flow through 24 holes drilled into the top side of the manifold
  • 3/8" hose barb on manifold inlet
  • Compatible with our re-circ bullkhead fitting and 1/2" FPT to 3/8" knurled hose barb
  • Will fit in 10 / 20 gal mash tuns and 10, 15, 20, 30 gal kettles
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