• Brew Bucket and Mini Bucket Ball Valve = 4 pcs 8.5mm x 1mm and 2 pcs 16mm x 1.8mm for 3/8" Ball Valve
  • Chronical Please note the following:
    • GEN 2 = 2 pcs 11mm x 2.0mm for units purchased between FEB - SEPT 2-14
    • GEN 3 = 4 pcs 10mm x 1.2mm for units purchased after SEPT 2014
  • Thermowell of FTSs = 4 pcs 16mm x 1.8mm for weldless thermowell and lid/coil seal on FTSs
  • Bucket Lid Barb or FTSs Coil Side Mount Retrofit = 2 pcs 16mm x 2.5mm for 1/2" Blow-off Barb or retrofit FTSs coils side mounted (inside) of fermenters
  • Ss Brew Kettle Compression Fitting = 2 pcs 20mm x 3mm high temp silicon for thermometer, thermometer plug, and 1/2" ball valve
  • Ss Brew Kettle Pick-up Tube = 4 pcs 11mm x 1.5mm high temp silicon for Ss Brew Kettle pick-up tube

    Type: Brew Bucket

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