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FTSs Touch

FTSs Nub

In addition to the increased screen real estate, we also wanted to dramatically clean up the installation of the FTSssystem. By moving nearly all ports to a soft silicone molded junction box, we affectionately refer to as the FTSs Nub, only a single cable needs to be routed through the neoprene jacket to the display.

In our opinion, it's a lot of small changes which add up to a well-engineered product, which is why we have significantly upgraded the DC power supply to a robust industrial-grade unit, and changed all connection points to durable XT30 plugs, which provides a new level of durability to the system. Additionally, we've gone digital with our thermoprobe; this carries two benefits; first, it's more accurate, and second, it can be extended or replaced with the addition of a 2.5mm jack inline with theprobe's cable.

And More...

Every FTSs Touch kit will include two variations of screen mounts. A sleek black stand for those that wish to put the FTSs Touch screen on a flat surface, such as a nearby table, or flat lid fermenter, and an incredibly versatile TC mount that integrates with any standard TC clamp, and enables the FTSs Touch screen to be displayed from any TC connection on your fermenter.

FTSs Touch kits now include flexible 3/8” ID silicone tubing standard, which can be more easily routed, and prevent hardening when used with glycol chillers.  In addition, we have included a silicone thermowell plug to further insulate temperature readings.  

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