Refuge Brewery | The Ss Testing Ground

May 23, 2017

Refuge Brewery | The Ss Testing Ground


Refuge Brewery, located in Temecula California, is the partner brewery of Ss Brewtech. Curt and Jake from the ownership team at Ss Brewtech are also Co-Founders of Refuge. The brewery serves as a prototyping ground for Ss pro equipment. This unique position of having key members of our team operate a fully functional and thriving craft brewery gives us insight into the needs of professional breweries in a way not common in this industry. We are brewers designing and manufacturing gear for brewers.

The beating heart of Refuge is a 20bbl+ 3 Vessel Brewhouse capable of pumping out 60bbl of their flagship Blood Orange Wit in a single brewday. A pilot 5bbl brewhouse was installed last summer to meet the demands of their tap room and provide a creative outlet for the brew crew. The two brewhouses feed a farm of 60bbl, 40bbl, and 5bbl fermenters and brites. A tour of the brewery is available for serious potential Ss customers. 


Refuge brews into 3 x 60 bbl fermenters, 4 x 40 bbl fermenters, and an ever growing collection of 5 bbl fermenters.