2 bbl | Unitank

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The 2 bbl Unitank is designed and built alongside our line of Pro Unitanks, and includes all the features you'd expect on a professional level fermenter.  The 2 bbl size is perfect for carbonating beer pulled from a wooden whiskey or wine barrel.

Designed to be paired with a commercial glycol system and our  ½" FTSs Pro, not compatible with home or nano FTSs systems.
Ss designed glycol on-demand system coming soon.

  • Pro Construction: 3 mm inner wall, 2 mm dimpled glycol jacket, 1.5 mm outer wall
  • 1.8 gal glycol jacket volume
  • Proprietary 12" TC lid cap with TC gasket retention system
  • Lid cap includes combination 3" dry hop port and PRV
  • Blow off tube and Sanitary Pressure Gauge
  • Zwickle Sampling Valve and Analog Thermometer
  • 1.5" TC Rotatable racking arm with DIN nut, 1.5" lower dump port
  • Discrete cylinder and cone jackets allow for half batching
  • 1/2" NPT glycol inlet and outlet ports with internal jacket tie
  • 316 SS Carbstone with valve
  • Cone mounted sleeved RTD port with probe included
  • 4 MM lower stiffener plate with adjustable feet
  • 36in x 36in x 72in