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3.5 bbl | Brewhouse


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208v Three Phase - 100 amp Dedicated Circuit - Typically found in light commercial buildings.

If you are unsure, check with your utility provider to verify the type of electrical service that is available at your location.  

  • 24,000w Boil Kettle element

    2.0 Internal calandria around boil heating elements

    18,000w Sub false bottom RIMS elements

    Auto-Fill blending manifold

    Proportional heating element control with pro-inspired touch controls with dynamic voltage adjustability

    Tangential whirlpool port

    Steam condensate stack

    LED vessel lights

    Stainless hard pipping throughout with valve tree

    N02 spring assisted lids

    Perlick-style sampling valve

    Dedicated CIP port

    Sparge ring

    Dedicated underlet leg

    Cart mounted electrical service panels

    Ships fully assembled and ready to brew