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FTSs | Glycol Jacketed Tank

The FTSs | Glycol Jacketed Tank kit has been designed to leverage components from our home brewing FTSs line in an effort to provide a low cost solution to pair a 1, 2, or 3.5 BBL Jacketed Unitank and Jacketed Brite Tanks with one of our 3/8 HP or 3/4 HP glycol chillers.

This system features a custom TC thermowell adapter, along with silicone insert to adapt the temperature probe from an FTSs controller to the welded in sleeved thermowell port on our line of Jacketed Tanks.  In addition, a custom designed low pressure open silicone check valve is included to prevent backflow to the chiller's reservoir when glycol is not flowing.  The kit includes upgraded 3/8" ID silicone glycol tubing, and 1/2" NPT to 3/8" barbs to adapt the glycol ports for use with our standard FTSs pump. 

Since most Jacketed Tanks are setup for use with a pressurized loop glycol system typically found in commercial breweries, this kit offers a Nano brewery an affordable, easy to setup alternative to more elaborate or expensive installations.  Everything is included to interface a single Jacketed Tank with an Ss Glycol Chiller. 

Cooling options for Ss Branded Glycol Chillers 
Cooling options for Pressurized Glycol Loops on Commercial Chillers 
  • ½" FTSs Pro  — Designed to be paired with pressurized-loop (Non-Ss Brewtech) commercial glycol systems.

Not recommended for 5bbl & Larger Tanks

  • Digital temp control

    FTSs submersible pump

    Custom check valve

    1.5" TC controller mount

    Works with 1, 2 and 3.5 bbl Jacketed Unitank