LA Ale Works | 10 bbl 3 Vessel

May 23, 2017

LA Ale Works | 10 bbl 3 Vessel


Los Angeles Ale Works was a dream project founded in 2010 by Kristofor “Kip” Barnes. In 2013, Los Angeles Ale Works launched its first beers into the marketplace following a successful Kickstarter fundraiser. Working with Ohana Brewing Co, Los Angeles Ale Works tenant-brewed proof of concept beers to gather valuable feedback from customers. In 2015 Barnes teamed up with Andrew Fowler to strengthen the business side of the organization. The team successfully raised capital, secured a new home in Hawthorne, California.

LA Ale Works brews on a 10bbl 3 vessel Ss Brewhouse. The 3 vessel design, with a dedicated whirlpool vessel allows them to efficiently double batch a beer in a single day. By pushing the beer quickly out of the boil kettle into the whirlpool, where it is then knocked out, they are quickly able to get the second batch into the boil. 

The crew utilizes a collection of smaller Ss Brewtech Chronical fermenters and Brite Tanks around the brewery for prototyping.


La Ale Works uses a collection of 1 bbl Brite Tanks and Chronical BME fermenters to prototype small batch beers, and experiment with adjuncts.

A 7 gal Chronical fermenter is used as a collection for sour cultures from their barrel program. Each barrel is connected so that they can 'breath' together and harmonize.