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3 Vessel Option | 10 to 20 bbl

Our focus for 2018 on pro gear is still on the US market only. While we would love to travel the world and sell more equipment, we also have to pace ourselves - and thus, until further notice we can't quote out non-USA projects. That may change later in 2018 heading into 2019 - but for now, we just can't. Very sorry! Also please note that we don't currently have our own grain mills or glycol chilling systems and we don't provide full soup to nuts "everything needed in a brewery" quotes. We'll quote out the stuff we design/ build ourselves which for now are brewhouses and tanks. We are however happy to suggest parts and vendors for the stuff we don't directly supply where appropriate. If you have a special request or just a quick question and want a quick reply you can also drop us a line at pro@ssbrewtech.com